Monday, October 02, 2006
Of course the day I decide to finally start writing my blog my husband decides last minute this morning to take the day off. So, as I sit here trying to type my first post I am continually stopping and starting because he can't make sandwiches for us and feed the boys a bottle at the same time. Surprised, right? NOT! My husband is the worst multi-tasker I know. Bless his heart.

It's taken me days to think of how to start my blog. What do I say? I have nothing to say! My life is so boring, who cares to hear about my stuff. Blah! But I've finally decided I have to write, good or bad, so please excuse my randomness for now.

I whine, but honestly I am so thankful for my dear husband. He is a great provider, fun and loving companion, and a very hands on new daddy. His ability to care for and the relationship he's developed with our boys has amazed me from day one of their life. I remember for the first month I was sure he would make a better candidate to stay home with them than me. He's just a natural.

Our boys are almost 5 month old twins. They are happy, healthy little guys that are growing and changing faster than I can keep up. I dreamed of keeping track of every important milestone and taking pictures of them everyday, keeping their baby books up-to-date and scrapbooking their first year as we go along. Need I admit that was overly optimistic, to say the least?

It's so awesome to finally have children of our own to nurture and love. They truly are the joy of my life!! I'd quit working a hundred times to have the chance to stay home with them. They are a lot of work... 24/7 diaper duty, bottle making/washing, loads and loads of dirty laundry, daily baths, hours of playing/entertaining/stimulating, and problem solving when only mom will do by reading their little cues and being in tune with their different personalities, likes and dislikes... I must say, it's all much harder than I anticipated. And I realize we are in a very easy stage while they are still virtually immobile and can be contained quite effortlessly. The real work begins over the next half year as they learn to sit up, crawl, pull up, and take those first steps. I can't wait!! There are definitely days that I miss going to work, just having a reason to leave the house. But overall I love my new job and wouldn't change my life a bit.

Thanks to all you great women bloggers that have inspired me to start my OWN blog. I promise little. I don't have the talent you have and feel pretty intimidated about trying my hand at bloggydome. I first started reading blogs when my husband and me were preparing to begin our first round of IVF. I'll save all those details for many other posts, but nevertheless that's how I happened upon my first blog... and then it was there I was lead to many other wonderful blogs that kept me inspired and entertained :) I would like to honor each of you in time on my blog.

Wow, I just heard the news of another school shooting today. What gives? WHY? How does this continue to happen? Those little innocent girls! I am saying lots of prayers for their families right now. So devastating and unneccessary!

Until next time,


Blogger Amy said...

Just droppig by...and want to say that it DOES get soooo much easier when they get a little independence. Looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new blog! I've been where you were and you'll be where I am. It's wonderful and stressful and everything we ever wanted as we were poking ourselves with those horrible needles! I'll be checking in often!!

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