Sunday, October 08, 2006
Okay, I like my life again
I finally got it all off my chest.
I sorta blew up at my hubby today when he was being very impatient with one of the boys. I was already irritated, because it's our only day together, as a family and after he sleept in until 10am he laid down at 3 to take a nap. rrrrr

I never say anything because I know he works so hard and needs a break sometimes too. But when I saw he was not caring for our child with the love and patience I know he's capable of giving, I blew up. Then I cried. Then I proceeded to avoid him and ignore him as best I could.

After an hour he scouted me out and apologized. He admitted he needs to step up when it comes to taking care of the boys. And explained that he feels out of the groove because he has been gone so much over the past month (since football season began).

He also said lots of other great things... but what's most important is that he understands! And he cared enough to admit his shortcomings and wants to do more. That's really all I needed to hear. I know the season is temporary. It will all be over in 6 weeks and we can go back to our routine as a family, and I can get away without the boys more.

It's so nice to have validation. I'll be good for awhile now.


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