Tuesday, October 10, 2006
When I realize I might not be fit to be a mom AND drive a car...
I can't believe I'm about the admit this, but I totally tried to give me car away to car thiefs TWICE in a 7 day period!!

First, last Friday I took the boys to Walmart for our upteenth trip that week to buy "stuff". After being in the store for about an hour I began to wheel the buggy to the car and noticed from a far that my driver's side door is WIDE OPEN!!! Shit! I could not believe what I was seeing. As I got closer I just kept saying I can't believe I did that. Oh.my.goh! Someone could have totally stolen my car. (I own the most stolen car type in America!) Thankfully... luckily, everything was still there (including the damn car!). Whew! So then when I'm driving home I kept thinking why wouldn't someone, any one of the 10-20 people who had to walk by and see it wide open, not just shut the door?? Oh well. Dodged a big one!

THEN, on Saturday me and some friends took our kids to the pumpkin patch. And after an hour of being there I had to run to the car to fetch Corbin's pacifier and the DAMN.PASSENGER.DOOR was WIDE OPEN!!! No way! I cannot be so absentminded to do this twice!! in a week. Again, there was a guy in the car right next to mine loading his child into his car seat. Like our OPEN doors were almost touching. I am wondering again, why wouldn't someone have just shut the door?!

I guess we are all so busy minding our own business we ignore oddities like this. Or more likely, most people have never seen such a site and they don't know what to do.

So, if you're in the Dallas area and you see a parked Honda Accord with one of the doors WIDE OPEN, it's probably my dumb ass... so, please shut the door for me.



Blogger Dooneybug said...

Too funny! I haven't done that...yet. :)

Glad to hear you're doing better. We all have "those kind" of days. And you get extra special leniency with having twins!

Blogger Dara Lee said...

Oh thank God this happens to people other than me! I left the van door open after a trip to Superstore with all three boys (formula run) and found it the next morning full of snow! You'd think my neighbours who park right beside me would have just shut it for me...

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