Wednesday, October 11, 2006
I never thought I would hear myself say this
I did not particularly enjoy pregnancy.

After waiting years to finally get pregnant, I sorta felt obligated to journal the experience, take monthly belly pics and glow like a good pregnant girl. Not only obligated but excited at the chance to do those things, and feel the joy of bringing a little person or two into the world.

Of course, there were many cool perks to pregnancy... like no period for 10 months, thicker hair, a crazy, intoxicating belly laugh, the right to eat just about whatever I wanted, and then some! I had the perfect guilt-free excuse to saying "not tonight" to sex, all those naps I was forced to take, massages for back pain, pedicures, baby showers with more baby stuff than I could ever imagine, weekly trips to the chiropractor (the best cure for preg back aches, by the way), shopping trips to the baby super store for baby stuff for MY children (finally, a reason to shop there other than someone's shower gift), and all those hours spent chatting it up with my own personal Dr. McDreamy, whom I give loads of credit to for getting us to twin full term. (oh how I miss him. We even exchanged emails quite frequently. He is such a rare find in the medical profession. )

Anyway, it WAS cool to see my belly grow, feel their little kicks and movements, get lots of pampering by friends and family; but, overall I was miserable and could not wait to get my body back. Of course my misery was compounded by having to suddenly quit work at 23 weeks, being in the hospital on strict bedrest for 3 weeks, then strict bedrest at home for another 2 weeks.

But you know, I would definitely do it all over again for these boys. I can't imagine not having them. And I would want to die if anything ever happened to them. They are worth it all!!

And now I miss it. All those days on bedrest, all the guilt free eating... the massages, pedicures, lounging around, waddling to and fro... looking back it doesn't seem so bad. I might even want to do it again some day. Maybe? Just maybe, I said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. I had a marvelous pregnancy until 30 weeks, when I went into PTL and was on hospital bedrest for 4 weeks and at home bedrest for 2 weeks, then had the girls at 36 weeks. Those last six weeks - I didn't think I could make it and I certainly didn't think I could do it again. Now, I coo when I see a pregnant woman and I am jealous of the kicks and rolls that I know that they are receiving.

My husband and I have decided on 2008 to TTC again. Who knows what the next year will hold for us, and we may decide to move that date up, but we definitely will try.

On that note, I think I would lose it if I found out I was pregnant today! You'll see, when the boys start walking. Yikes!

Blogger Kimblahg said...

I hear ya. There were parts of my pregnancies that I enjoyed but I went into PTL both times and was on bedrest for the end of both of my "way too early" pregnancies. PTL and NICU's make the experiences so very different from the norm. I look back at the fear, anxiety and long waits for my babies to come home and it makes my chest tighten with nervousness. The perinatalogist told me while I was being sewn up after the emergency c-section that I shouldn't have any more children. I agree that I shouldn't bear any more children but maybe, just maybe, we'll adopt one day. Not carrying a baby ever again gives me a twinge of sadness but I'm grateful for what I have.

Blogger Dooneybug said...

I actually was one of those women you love to hate. I loved being pregnant. I had my aches and pains but overall I had a very good pregnancy. Now, I could see if I had to endure bedrest and being pregnant with twins I'm sure I'd be singing a different tune.

Blogger Rachael said...

The "not tonight" for sex xracked me! That was me! Also I ate my weight in Chinese and Peanut butter cups. I was all fat LOL!
I don't like being pregnant either. Actually with Gavin's pregnancy I liked it. But his birth sucked. Then Keaton's pregnancy sucked. So I am done!

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