Sunday, December 24, 2006
Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the long absence!
Our computer went ka-put when my computer genius husband tried to install an additional hard drive so we could "back up" all our stuff. (How ironic, eh?) Thankfully he eventually was able to recover all our data. AND he bought me a shiny new laptop, of my very own for my birthday, so I'm finally back online and back to blogging. I can't believe how crippled I felt without access to the computer. I couldn't even get on blogger because I saved all my login information in my computer, and for some odd reason blogger could not help me retrieve it. oh well!

Gosh, where do I begin? Our boys are growing like weeds. They are 7 1/2 months old! (So incredibly hard to believe.)
Cooper has 6 teeth and is up on his knees rocking like crazy. He also babbles ALL day long. His favorite "words" are maaaaa ma and ba ba ba. I swear he knows he's saying mama :) Corbin doesn't have any teeth yet, but he got his first hair cut last week and can make his way across any room in seconds, while on his belly. He also babbles and yells lots. They are super sweet babies and provide us loads of entertainment.

It's amazing how fast they learn new tricks. I swear, watching them develop and grow is the best gift in the world! I truly enjoy being home with them and am slowly learning how to be more than just mama. My husband is home after work every night now so I try to get out alone as often as possible. Friday night my friend took me for a pedicure and the movies. I almost didn't know how to act out alone, as someone's friend. I can count on one hand the times I've left the boys with someone else for more than an hour. I know I'll be a better wife and mother if I take care of myself first. ha!

I've been working on their first year scrapbooks and have already filled up two complete albums. I'm excited to start their first Christmas scrapbook next week. I got a bargain on them at Hobby Lobby earlier in the season. I'm going to try doing an 8x8 for the first time.

We're spending Christmas at home alone this year. (We'll get together with my family next weekend.) My husband's family has all been sick with either the flu or pneumonia so we're keeping our distance from them right now. It's been really nice just being home with our little family, cozied together around the fire.
The boys got up before the crack of dawn this morning so we used the opportunity to get our grocery shopping done at 7am without the crowds. My hubby and me are going to cook a traditional dinner together tomorrow. It will be fun. We're slowing giving the boys table food here and there. They've had avocado, banana, and now yogurt. We're going to try cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes tomorrow :)

Cooper is getting a Doc Band next week. If you haven't heard of this it's essentially a helmet that will help round out the shape of his skull. He had the casting made this past Tuesday. Bless his poor little flat head. We were hoping it would round itself out, like many people said it would, but no such luck here. I think we're going to have it painted like a football helmet, or soccer ball. He has to wear it 23 hours a day, so needless to say, the way I take pictures we'll be reminded of his helmet for years to come.

About 6 months ago we decided we wanted to move to San Antonio in January. Unfortunately it doesn't look like the timing is right to move now. My husband just received an awesome promotion and with me no longer working the raise is hard to pass up. We still want to get there eventually, and hope that will be possible soon. For now we are content with the decision to stay in Dallas awhile longer.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday! See you around again very soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots of teeth! The girls still only have 4, but Audrey is working on 2 more on the top. The boys looks adorable! Merry Christmas!

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