Saturday, January 06, 2007
Well, I've not been anymore physical
I swear... New Year's resolutions are so bunk. I told you I don't normally make them. You know why? Cause I hate to break them. I hate to not be a woman of my word.

Thus far in this newest year, I've performed zero formal exercise. I suck.

I did take the boys with me shopping on Friday and unloaded tons of stuff by myself when we got home. Does that count? Not exactly what I was resolving for, but I'm still managing to lose a pound or two here and there. That's all well and good for me and the wicked scale sitting in my bathroom, but it's in the clothes that really counts! I'll try harder next week. The weather was bad and I didn't make it to the Y to sign up. (I love using the weather as my perfect excuse. The weather is my friend)

Today was boring. It's next to impossible to get my hubby out of the house on the weekends. I can't say I blame him but I hate just sitting around the house all the time. I'm ready for Spring!

My inlaws are coming over tomorrow. Finally! They haven't seen their grandsons for 5 months! They are going to be so surprised at the changes. Both boys are still trying real hard to officially crawl. They get around, rolling and scooting, just fine. And love to stand, oh how these boys love to stand up. We have two pack -n- plays set up in the living room just for their standing pleasure. I tell ya, it's good times around here. They are so cute.

Cooper was not himself today. Daddy dearest gave him cran-grape juice, diluted, first thing this morning and he's had a rash on his face every since. Then this afternoon one of his eyes started swelling and turning red. I gave him Benadryl before his nap. Then as the evening progressed both eyes seemed red and puffy, the rash worsened and he was even running a low fever, 100.8. Daddy rocked him to sleep at 6:45. Poor little guy. Looks so pitiful with a rash-y face and his new "brain bucket".

So now the boys are tucked in bed, sung and sound while I sit on the couch eating pizza and hubby plays warcraft on the 'puter. Oh the JOYS of parenthood :)


Blogger Vacant Uterus said...

Sarge and I play Warcraft on the computer, too! Me not as often as him but I still enjoy it from time to time.

Sorry to hear about the rash...I hope your little guy feels better soon! If it's any consolation to you, he looks adorable in his little bucket!


Blogger BlogWhore said...

your boys are so sweet.

Blogger Dara Lee said...

You're boys are adorable! I had my twin boys in May of 2006 as well and I'm a WOW widow too.

Your children are just darling.
I realize that you have not posted in almost a year and I had to smile...could it be that you are a busy Mom?!


Blogger Patriot said...

Thanks so much for entering at my site! I hope that you and your family have a fantastic start to 2008!!

Blogger Andrea said...

I agree with you on the New Years Resolution thing...I just don't make them. I have goals all year round that I try to keep, but i never make a certain one just for New Years...cuz i hate not doing it afterwards too! And your 'lil boys are so cute...bucket and all! :) Thanks for entering my contest too...good luck!

Blogger bethany said...

thank you so much for the dallas restaurants!!! gosh, i can't wait to try so many new places.

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