Tuesday, October 24, 2006
This is so COOL!

Saturday, October 21, 2006
There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
Whew! It's so nice to be home.
The boys and me went to San Antonio for the week to visit some friends. It was so much fun but I am BEYOND tired. The boys did pretty well, but just did not sleep like they do in their own beds. I probably averaged 5 hours of sleep a night... needless to say I'm dragging ass big time.
And now that they are down for a nap, instead of napping myself I'm typing an entry on my blog. :) Gosh I'm not very smart sometimes.

My husband missed me (us) and had the house all clean when I got home, so that was sweet.
I've got the car about half unloaded and that stuff unpacked. The work never ends, does it?

The friends we visited have 3 kids (5, 2, and 1) so it was chaos all week. And I'm pretty sure I've decided 2 kids are PLENTY! Their last one was a oops... bless their hearts. He's a sweet baby but wow, 3 kids is nonstop work. All day long it's "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy". I don't know if I could handle it as patiently and cool as she does.

It's so nice to be home. I'll be updating lots this week. I've missed bloggy world :)


Wednesday, October 11, 2006
I never thought I would hear myself say this
I did not particularly enjoy pregnancy.

After waiting years to finally get pregnant, I sorta felt obligated to journal the experience, take monthly belly pics and glow like a good pregnant girl. Not only obligated but excited at the chance to do those things, and feel the joy of bringing a little person or two into the world.

Of course, there were many cool perks to pregnancy... like no period for 10 months, thicker hair, a crazy, intoxicating belly laugh, the right to eat just about whatever I wanted, and then some! I had the perfect guilt-free excuse to saying "not tonight" to sex, all those naps I was forced to take, massages for back pain, pedicures, baby showers with more baby stuff than I could ever imagine, weekly trips to the chiropractor (the best cure for preg back aches, by the way), shopping trips to the baby super store for baby stuff for MY children (finally, a reason to shop there other than someone's shower gift), and all those hours spent chatting it up with my own personal Dr. McDreamy, whom I give loads of credit to for getting us to twin full term. (oh how I miss him. We even exchanged emails quite frequently. He is such a rare find in the medical profession. )

Anyway, it WAS cool to see my belly grow, feel their little kicks and movements, get lots of pampering by friends and family; but, overall I was miserable and could not wait to get my body back. Of course my misery was compounded by having to suddenly quit work at 23 weeks, being in the hospital on strict bedrest for 3 weeks, then strict bedrest at home for another 2 weeks.

But you know, I would definitely do it all over again for these boys. I can't imagine not having them. And I would want to die if anything ever happened to them. They are worth it all!!

And now I miss it. All those days on bedrest, all the guilt free eating... the massages, pedicures, lounging around, waddling to and fro... looking back it doesn't seem so bad. I might even want to do it again some day. Maybe? Just maybe, I said.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
When I realize I might not be fit to be a mom AND drive a car...
I can't believe I'm about the admit this, but I totally tried to give me car away to car thiefs TWICE in a 7 day period!!

First, last Friday I took the boys to Walmart for our upteenth trip that week to buy "stuff". After being in the store for about an hour I began to wheel the buggy to the car and noticed from a far that my driver's side door is WIDE OPEN!!! Shit! I could not believe what I was seeing. As I got closer I just kept saying I can't believe I did that. Oh.my.goh! Someone could have totally stolen my car. (I own the most stolen car type in America!) Thankfully... luckily, everything was still there (including the damn car!). Whew! So then when I'm driving home I kept thinking why wouldn't someone, any one of the 10-20 people who had to walk by and see it wide open, not just shut the door?? Oh well. Dodged a big one!

THEN, on Saturday me and some friends took our kids to the pumpkin patch. And after an hour of being there I had to run to the car to fetch Corbin's pacifier and the DAMN.PASSENGER.DOOR was WIDE OPEN!!! No way! I cannot be so absentminded to do this twice!! in a week. Again, there was a guy in the car right next to mine loading his child into his car seat. Like our OPEN doors were almost touching. I am wondering again, why wouldn't someone have just shut the door?!

I guess we are all so busy minding our own business we ignore oddities like this. Or more likely, most people have never seen such a site and they don't know what to do.

So, if you're in the Dallas area and you see a parked Honda Accord with one of the doors WIDE OPEN, it's probably my dumb ass... so, please shut the door for me.


Sunday, October 08, 2006
Okay, I like my life again
I finally got it all off my chest.
I sorta blew up at my hubby today when he was being very impatient with one of the boys. I was already irritated, because it's our only day together, as a family and after he sleept in until 10am he laid down at 3 to take a nap. rrrrr

I never say anything because I know he works so hard and needs a break sometimes too. But when I saw he was not caring for our child with the love and patience I know he's capable of giving, I blew up. Then I cried. Then I proceeded to avoid him and ignore him as best I could.

After an hour he scouted me out and apologized. He admitted he needs to step up when it comes to taking care of the boys. And explained that he feels out of the groove because he has been gone so much over the past month (since football season began).

He also said lots of other great things... but what's most important is that he understands! And he cared enough to admit his shortcomings and wants to do more. That's really all I needed to hear. I know the season is temporary. It will all be over in 6 weeks and we can go back to our routine as a family, and I can get away without the boys more.

It's so nice to have validation. I'll be good for awhile now.

Friday, October 06, 2006
Ho hum... it's Friday
I had a really shitty day. The boys refused to nap. My happiest baby turned into the crankiest baby. My husband was home for a total of 2 hours between work and football games... and he SLEPT during those 2 hours.

I'm sick of my life. I want to go back to working out of the house and being single with no kids. I want to remember what it's like to be excited about Friday's arrival, because it means the weekend and I get a break.

I NEVER get a break anymore!

Ho hum. Poor me. Life sucks.

Thursday, October 05, 2006
Costco ROCKS!

LOOK, we finally got to ride in the cart together at Costco. And Mommy didn't have to mess with our BIG bulky car seats. It was good times!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006
I've GOT to lose weight! I know the boys are ONLY 5 months old (almost) and everyone says it takes time, but I'm afraid I've developed such shitty eating habits that I'll never lose anymore weight if I don't make some serious changes.
I guess most of us normal people struggle with wanting to lose weight all the time. When Miss Zoot came up with the idea to start an accountability group by taking pictures of everything we eat on a daily basis I had to jump on the bandwagon. What a great idea! First of all I love to take pictures :) AND second I need to lose weight. AND third I believe if we all keep track of what we're eating it would make us THINK before we eat. It definitely got me thinking when I started to reach for a reese's pb cup out of the first bag of Halloween candy I bought less than a week ago. I didn't want to embarrass myself so I skipped it. Accountability is where it's at folks... in my opinion! I can't wait to lose weight and be able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again.

I took the boys to the park this morning and walked 2 miles. It was enjoyable but ick!, is it ever going to cool off here. I hate all the boob, butt, and belly sweat I produce.

Carry on!

Monday, October 02, 2006
Of course the day I decide to finally start writing my blog my husband decides last minute this morning to take the day off. So, as I sit here trying to type my first post I am continually stopping and starting because he can't make sandwiches for us and feed the boys a bottle at the same time. Surprised, right? NOT! My husband is the worst multi-tasker I know. Bless his heart.

It's taken me days to think of how to start my blog. What do I say? I have nothing to say! My life is so boring, who cares to hear about my stuff. Blah! But I've finally decided I have to write, good or bad, so please excuse my randomness for now.

I whine, but honestly I am so thankful for my dear husband. He is a great provider, fun and loving companion, and a very hands on new daddy. His ability to care for and the relationship he's developed with our boys has amazed me from day one of their life. I remember for the first month I was sure he would make a better candidate to stay home with them than me. He's just a natural.

Our boys are almost 5 month old twins. They are happy, healthy little guys that are growing and changing faster than I can keep up. I dreamed of keeping track of every important milestone and taking pictures of them everyday, keeping their baby books up-to-date and scrapbooking their first year as we go along. Need I admit that was overly optimistic, to say the least?

It's so awesome to finally have children of our own to nurture and love. They truly are the joy of my life!! I'd quit working a hundred times to have the chance to stay home with them. They are a lot of work... 24/7 diaper duty, bottle making/washing, loads and loads of dirty laundry, daily baths, hours of playing/entertaining/stimulating, and problem solving when only mom will do by reading their little cues and being in tune with their different personalities, likes and dislikes... I must say, it's all much harder than I anticipated. And I realize we are in a very easy stage while they are still virtually immobile and can be contained quite effortlessly. The real work begins over the next half year as they learn to sit up, crawl, pull up, and take those first steps. I can't wait!! There are definitely days that I miss going to work, just having a reason to leave the house. But overall I love my new job and wouldn't change my life a bit.

Thanks to all you great women bloggers that have inspired me to start my OWN blog. I promise little. I don't have the talent you have and feel pretty intimidated about trying my hand at bloggydome. I first started reading blogs when my husband and me were preparing to begin our first round of IVF. I'll save all those details for many other posts, but nevertheless that's how I happened upon my first blog... and then it was there I was lead to many other wonderful blogs that kept me inspired and entertained :) I would like to honor each of you in time on my blog.

Wow, I just heard the news of another school shooting today. What gives? WHY? How does this continue to happen? Those little innocent girls! I am saying lots of prayers for their families right now. So devastating and unneccessary!

Until next time,